My storyboards, visuals and illustrations add value to your ideas and presentations

Gus Russell What?

The clue's in the title: Freelance Storyboards. Yes, I’m essentially a one man business but a one man business that believes in, and stands by, high quality personal service, 24/7.

I illustrate storyboards, concepts, events, cartoons and draw ideas as they emerge in shopper marketing, ideation and NPD workshops. With twenty years' experience as a London agency art director and design studio owner, I'll understand and comprehend your brief perfectly and without delay. Whatever level of finish you require, or the time frame you’re working towards, I’ll provide you with stunning and pitch-winning visuals.


Ad agencies, corporates, film makers, design companies and publishers are the clients I work with in London, throughout the UK and overseas. (As we all live in cyberspace these days, my desk is virtually next to yours anyway!) Recent storyboards for the UAE, Pacific Rim countries and the USA prove the benefits that Skype offers and how the internet shortens the lines of communication...


Ours is a "I need it now” world. Advertising’s always been like that and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Anybody not happy with that kind of pressure should go and get a proper job. So if you phone me at 3am I’ll make a strong coffee and phone you back straight away. Even though I may already be up and working, it's probably best to email me the day before you call just so I can prepare for it.


You’ll be dealing directly with me, the guy who’s going to draw your storyboard — definitely no Chinese whispers here! I work from home confidentially delivering a “ Good bang for your buck”. My time is better spent at the drawing board than sitting on a train or in a traffic jam getting to a client.

During my career I’ve worked for Advertising agencies, Sales promotion companies and run my own successful London design studio. I understand the pressures my clients work under including the financial ones. My charges are reasonable, I'll get your job done quickly and I always keep my promises.

Call me now on: +44 (0)777 599 0065. Or hit the Skype direct button at the top of the page.

"I have been working with Gus for over five years. He is extremely reliable and always goes the extra mile. A storyboard illustrator who provides the most delightful work. Great fun to work with and he adds real value to all our projects."

Michael Simpson. Innovation Specialist, Founder and Managing Partner at Ideas First